The winner with the highest number of votes, and thus the most popular, will receive the prize: one of our Satoshkey devices!

Satoshkey is a device which can be implemented into any sort of automatically operating machine to enable Bitcoin payments switch. A Satoshkey-powered vending machine recognizes a Bitcoin payment after a simple QR code scan. Satoshkey can be configured to operate offline.

Operating the satoshkey universal crypto switch is as easy as:

1. Scanning the QR-Code displayed on the vending machines LCD Display

2. Choosing an instruction (i.e. 5 Minutes Solarium) and press order

3. Paying bitcoins to the displayed payment address. Immediately after payment you receive a ticket in the form of a QR-Code

4. Let the satoshkey crypto switch read the QR-Code by exposing it to its scanner. If the device is configured for online mode, it will be activated automatically after step 3